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You had an amazing idea! We enjoyed your short Horror Game!


Not too bad for a short horror game, good concept and I enjoyed it!

Gameplay BR

Jogo bom, esta no caminho certo para criar algo de qualidade.


lol i kept getting bodied. love the game though!

Hey there! Just saw some gameplay of this and love the atmosphere you created, very inspiring! I have about 8 years of music production experience and I would love to produce your music/create the foley needed to push your atmosphere to the next level. If you are ever working on a new project I would love to amplify your mix!

I had a lot of fun with this! Considering it was made in 72 hours, it's a very good way to kill half an hour and maybe spook yourself a little bit :)

really good game!, and dont worry i got the feet pics for the wiki 

i really like the game i thought it was cool how you need to go into the nightmare and need to explore deeper in order to escape

This game was quite long and very well made for being made in just 72 hours for a game jam! We were very impressed!

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~System requirements~

🔲Potato with a monitor




🔲Nasa PC


🔲Very short (shorter than 3 minutes)

🔲Short (5-10 Minutes)

☑️Medium (10-30 Minutes)

🔲Long (More than 1 hour)

🔲Nobody could finish the game yet


🔲 Dying is impossible

🔲 Easy

☑️ Normal

🔲 Hard

~Sound Effects~


🔲Not bad


🔲Ear Orgasm


🔲Made with paint


☑️Almost good

🔲They are real


🔲An empty fridge is scarier


🔲Scariest game ever

I recommend to watch the video after playing the game to avoid spoilers!!

The game knows horror the AI is smart but the camera flash is kind of useless so stealth is your friend, I like the visuals and the transition I was invested. what I want it is more variety in levels maybe some outside and have different monsters chasing. It took me more than a couple of tries to beat it but I highly recommend this game. maybe with more levels this can be something special.

Just echoing what everyone else is saying lol, amazing job for a 72 hour game. Great atmosphere overall plus an attempt at a real game mechanic and narrative are all I ask for and this game delivered on those points. Thank you very much for making it! 

Very interesting concept and very well executed for 72 hours, though if you want to continue expanding on it a bit of polish on the camera and other tools might be good.

I'd love to see more of the world, more layered nightmares, more variations on the nightmare. You could really build quite a narrative if you were to expand and build upon the foundation you have thusfar.

for 72 hours this game is phenomenal! I loved it! Would love to see more in the future!

Me and my friend had lots of fun playing the game. As people have said before, the camera seems to fill no purpose. Better to run and hide Anyway, great work.

Games was pretty good my guy...just didn't understand the use of the camera tho...but liked the way the dreams worked and how you had to hide..

pls watch my gameplay.

cool game!

Fun lil game! Good stuff ^_^ Made you a lil video: 


Alright nice short game! It was a cool experience going into multiple nightmares. The camera seems almost useless? I may be using it wrong but I still managed to beat it. Thanks for making it! I had fun.

funny game, here a "Gameplay"

love this. Can't wait to see more games from you 😆

it keeps saying an error when trying to download this game

Thanks for the game! It was pretty fun, I made a video about it too! :D 

When i try to hide, it never goes away and goes through objects, in this picture we are hiding :)

loved the concept of this game i added it to my three free horror games series Very cool game Welcome back to Three Free Horror Games Ep7. Todays games come from itchio. The games today were very well made games and scary and stressful in their own rights. Come check it out as we tackle another group of top tier indie horror games

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Wow! For a short game, this is quite intense! I wish it was a full game because the concept is good (maybe just fix the camera mechanics a bit). In any case, well done, guys!

For a game jam I can really appreciate this game I can only imagine what you could do if you had more time, My only question is why the flashlight you don't really need it in the game other than that I loved it keep up the good work. 


nice game :D

A small but entertaining game. I did not understand why the lanterns, lamps and cameras, went without them)

The camera flash is the only problem I noticed, maybe due to my own incompetence honestly. Ambience is solid and the monster is horrifying. My experience is down below if you're interested!

Hey i was wondering if you can help me learn the basics of unity i understand if you decline i really like your style on how you make games and i was wondering if you could show me a bit about unity because i just got it a little bit ago and i want to learn so i can make horror games like this one my discord is Ty_#4785

This was very good, and the only frustrations I felt was due to my own impatience. The monster is creepy, the sound is great, and the only issue I found was the monster did not seem to be affected much by the camera flash.

It's the second game I played in the video.

That was fun. :)

Well these 3 horror games were pretty fun honestly and well done. These games scared me multiple times LOL. Good job developers.  


Played during my stream Nice Game starts @ 37mins

Such a good game, I had so much fun playing it!!!!!

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